• Everything You Need To Know About Impressionism Art Movement

      Art can be confusing sometimes, with it so many different genres, styles, and movements. A movement in art is a specific style of art, practised by a group of artists. The impressionism art movement began in the mid nineteen centuries when a group of artists decided to break away from the traditional painting of biblical […]

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  • photographing your artwork

    Photographing Your Artwork: Getting it Right the First Time

      Thinking of listing your artworks online or entering an art contest? Then you’ll need to learn how to take professional photograph images of your work. Whether you’re putting together a portfolio or gathering images for marketing, proper visual documentation of your artwork can be just as important as the quality of the artwork itself. […]

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  • Art Fair Banner Artailer

    Art Fairs Demystified: Tips and Advice for Collectors and Artists

    Art fairs are not that different from your “standard” industry conferences or trade shows. The image of conventions centres, hotel lobbies, trade booths! I mean rows and rows of trade booths set up with demos, products, areas for media outlets and educational panels; parties, lots and lots of people of like-mind, bars, food and did I already […]

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  • Artailer artist, Federico Cortese

    How to Create an Artist Packet: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Want to get your artwork shown in a gallery? Then you’ll need to assemble an artist packet. An Artist packet is a basic business tool for the professional artist; one that includes visual images, an artist’s statement, a cover letter, and a resume. Getting all these materials together and making sure they look professional can […]

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  • guide to buying art online

    The Ultimate Guide to Buying Art Online on Budget

    College students, professionals, young families and retirees all frequent art galleries and museums. But can they afford their art collection? The quick answer is, yes, they can. Or are you still sceptical about your ability, financially, to own an original piece of art? Today, it’s easier than ever to become a contemporary art collector or […]

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  • Interview with Alexander

    Koltakov Discusses the Making of his Amazing Modern Relief Sculptures

    Alexander Koltakov, a Canadian based artist, is one of those who has stayed true and dedicated to his artistic practice against the odds in life. That passion for modern relief sculptures is evident throughout his compositions, which often blend elements of reality and fantasy within visually vibrant colour palettes. His messages speak through his paintings. A […]

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